The contemporary garden. A sense of order.  Most important, an attention to detail. Creating a sense of purity and strength through careful and precise planning. Proportion, dimension and rhythm run through my work; key qualities that define the spaces. The design’s minimalists’ character suits the Modernist yet South Asian architecture. A delicate balancing act of light and shadow. The palette restrained.

The Designed Landscape. An English Garden – a reflection of paradise characterized by mathematical concepts. But, throughout history, gardens, architecture and artifacts have merged in a great variety of ways. With good design, it is not easy to determine which one of these elements is most important. Garden design gives a building its place. It appears immovable and permanent. These are the essential facets of timeless and enduring design. A particular passion for us.

The Italian Renaissance garden was a new style of garden which emerged in the late 15th century at villas in Rome and Florence, inspired by classical ideals of order and beauty, and intended for the pleasure of the view of the garden and the landscape beyond, for contemplation, and for the enjoyment of the sights, sounds and smells of the garden itself. Custom designed, hand carved bas relief marble fountain wall, pool and spa. Geometry is at the heart of this project which sits nestled in the heart of the City. Attention to detail is endless. A private moment at home. Does your garden... More

Classical architecture breathes life into this new pool environment. Unique and purposeful, garden and pool structures were often placed on a site with a dual purpose. The primary function of this building was to reflect the architecture of the home and the clients extraordinary appreciation for classical lines. With almost equal importance and from a historical perspective, structures like this were located in such a way as to shape the experience of a property; by creating the edge for an outdoor room. In this case, terminating a key vista from the piano room of the main residence while... More

Some design vernaculars reside squarely in its indigenous roots. Every few years, a historical look at an old style will serve to fire up the senses and influence current design and building. In this case it is the powerful presence of the Hill Country lifestyle. 

This time around, the popular vernacular style uses material common to Central Texas: limestone blocks, metal roofs, steel-pole construction and deep porches that shield from the relentless sun. An Austin limestone porch extends out to extend the seasons. A rugged stone pool gently carves its way into the landscape. A... More

Where there is water there is being. At rest or in motion, its essential existence, peaceful sound and shifting forms of light bring harmony and emotional nourishment to interior and exterior spaces alike.

In her court a nautilus sits. At its heart, beats the glory of expression - ART...inspired and meaningful

Curtain glass was installed on the rear facade of the house to extend this statement of Luxury. A small space, with a simple essence achieves something unique and truly personal for our client. Many clients approach us with a strong desire to make the connection between... More

Plans are treated like art. Detailed concepts and fitting scale. Each presents a unique opportunity for us to take you places you never expected.Our goal is to provide you with a design and execution full of surprise. Moments that exceed your thoughts of "what is possible" for your environment. To take you on a journey that not only "persuades" you but ultimately "moves you". Each plan is unique and addresses those dreams and desires torn from magazines, places you've visited or always dreamt of ! We like working with clients who want things that make life better. 

USA. Projects... More

Clean, modern and contemporary. This project was approached with the clients european background as a primary driving force. Utilizing a grade that falls away from the home, the pool was held with a cubist form in mind. A simple form extending 50' out from the main terrace, showing restraint and respect for basic form. Set off to the side a welded steel pergola echos restraint and skeletal design. A retractable ceiling reinforces the functional approach to this project. Within this fast-purchase world, it is extremely difficult to find anything that is truly unique and made with you in... More